Our vineyard

Terrior (Location, Climate, and Soil)

Our vineyard is located on our home property at the northern edge of Clear creek, Ontario, approximately 2.5 kilometers from Lake Erie. Our site benefits from the Lake Erie Macro-climate having cool summer breezes and mild winter weather.

Due to the orientation of Lake Erie, the sub-appellation is known for constant higher than average westerly winds. This natural air-movement helps to reduce disease pressure in the vineyard.

Our site has a unique soil profile with 40-100 cm of sandy-loam textures over silty clay loam till. This profile enables our vines the benefit of having good drainage while maintaining access to ground water and rich clay-till minerals. This has proven very useful during droughts such as those experienced in 2016.

The grape vines

Frontenac Blanc (own root) – Planted 2014, and 2019

Marquette (own root, 3309, and SO4) – Planted 2014 and 2017

Petite Pearl (own root, and 3309) – Planted 2015, 2018, and 2019

L’acadie Blanc (own root) – Planted in 2019

Crimson Pearl (own root) – Test plot planted 2019

T.P. 1-1-12 (own root) – Test plot planted 2019

Trellis system

The vineyard is planted on a vertical shoot positioning system (VSP), with a pendelbogan design. Unlike other vineyards in our region, or province, our vineyard is trellised quite high at 6’5″. We have chosen this trellis design due to the high-vigor of our soil. This will allow the vines to evenly spread out their growth energy and maximize sunlight exposure for an even ripening process.

In 2020, we will be experimenting with a 4-arm Kniffin training system.

Expansion Plans


We will be planting 0.5 acres of Frontenac Blanc, 0.5 acres of L’Acadie Blanc, and 0.5 acres of Louise Swanson


We will be planting 1 acre of Itasca (on 3309) grape vines